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The Robinson R22 is a two-bladed, single-engine light utility helicopter manufactured by Robinson Helicopter Company. The R22 is a proven workhorse that has delivered exceptional performance in a variety of applications for over thirty years. A powder-coated steel tube structure provides a light yet rigid airframe while the aircraft’s aerodynamic fuselage optimizes airspeed and fuel economy. The R22 is powered by Lycoming’s proven O-360 engine that is derated to provide reserve power and better performance at high altitudes and in hot weather.



Maximum Gross Weight

Pilot, Passenger, Baggage

Cruise Speed

Maximum Range

Lycoming O-360, four cylinder

Derated to 131 hp for takeoff and 124 continuous

1370 lb (622 kg)

389 lb (176 kg)

up to 96 kts (178 km/h)

approx 250 nm (460 km)


Tourism and Regional Promotion Do you want to attract more people to see what your area has to offer? Aerial photography is a great way to show off your special place from a whole new perspective. Make your promotional materials more appealing to your target audience. Add stunning aerial photos to your fliers, posters, brochures or website to make them pop.


Agriculture Our aerial photography services make observing and planning your land a breeze. With extensive work in the conservation and agriculture fields, we know exactly what you need to make informed decisions about your land. We also offer aerial video, suited perfectly for monitoring creeks and rivers.

Construction Monitoring Job site documentation is essential for every general contractor. Whether you need to share the state of a project with clients and stakeholders, monitor site changes over time, or dispute claims down the road—you’ll need to capture progress photos over the course of a project. Or do you need the photos to check city development - faster and more reliable then satelite pictures?

Illegal Dumping Monitoring Illegal dumping of private or industrial wastes is recently becoming one of the serious social and environmental problems in Romania. Illegal dumping involves the disposal of any waste to land or water that is larger than litter. It also includes illegal landfilling, where waste (often from construction and demolition) is used as “fill” without approval. Out of the helicopter it is easy to locate all dumping deposits. 


Big tour along the city of Oradea with the Robinson R22 . 1 person, max 80 kg, aprox 20 Minutes, € 100.-


Small tour along Baie Felix with the Robinson R22 . 1 person, max 80 kg, aprox 15 Minutes, € 85.-


We are located at several airfields around whole europe. Select the closest to your actual position and check the possibilities.


*costs are excl. VAT, Airport fees, landing taxes and handling
we are counting in costs engine running time, that includes warmup
for an exact pricing of your flight please call +40 772 230 693


Robinson R22
1/2 hour € 150
  • 178 km/h, 40l/h
  • 1 passenger, max. 80kg
  • 460 km / 2.5 hours
  • only with pilot

Please understand, that the above costs are including only the rent for the aircraft. All extra costs like camera rental, image processing, video cutting and other services are not included. 


NT Aviation SRL provides a fuel transport service for aircrafts like a gazstation on wheels. The converted Renault Trafic is able to transport on your order up to 360 litres of MoGas from 95 octane up to 100 octane. AvGaz100L only on command 2 weeks before. One transport  (min. 60 litres - max 360 litres) is costing € 30.- / 140 LEI. The  car is equiped with foam and powder fire extinguisher as well with tools and instruments (metric+imperial) and a power generator for max. 1500 W in order to do some small repairs on aircrafts if needed. You can order the car directly by calling +40 772 230 693.

We also can provide you with a Part145 mechanic directly on the field for most small / light aircraft as well as most russian models. In case of, please preorder 2 weeks before. 


If you like to go for a flight with me, it is mandatory to send me a friendship request by facebook. Please use the button below therefore. Thank you in advance.

Aircrafts i flown so far:

A SEP: Piper PA28, Cessna C152, C172, Cirrus SR20, Mooney M20, Yakovlev YK52

A MEP: Piper PA34, Beechcraft BE55, Diamond DA42, Cessna C303

H: Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Capri G2

I am a private pilot PPL (A) SEP/MEP/NIGHT, FI, PPL (H). 

A little bit depending on the weather, i am more then happy to fly with you when ever you want - where ever you want. As i am able to fly airplanes with only one engine or such with two engines i have also done aerobatics and alot of ferry flights across europe in different airplane types. As a Flight Instructor i can also teach you the first lessons how to fly an airplane or renew your Private Pilot License for SEP. As i am used to land SEP and MEP airplanes on short fields, i can help you to learn shortfield landings on gras runways.

How can you applicate for a flight? Call me or even better; send me a message by facebook messenger. After i got your friendship request by facebook, i will quote you the flight acoording the above listed prices of the owner NT Aviation SRL., but including all taxes and fees if there are some. At the date of your flight we meet at the airfield where you pay the whole amounth + VAT in advance against a tax deductible invoice from NT Aviation SRL. Flights from international airports requires the whole amounth + VAT in advance by banctransfer to the owner NT Aviation SRL. My service as a pilot is for free because i enjoy flying.

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