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Yakovlev YAK-52 (YA52)

250km/h, 460HP, 80l/h
1 passenger=110kg

The Yak 52 is based on old and solid russian military technics with a strong, loud and smoky 360 HP radial-engine in the front. This YAK was build in Bacau, Romania. The military flight school of Boboc still is using 12 YAK-52 for training future fighter pilots. Her infernal noice are arouse huge emotions. This aircraft is fully aerobatics able and managing g-forces of +5 and -3 without any problem. Enjoy a flight in this warbird - feel the power of the radial engine! 

Yakovlev YAK-52 (YA52)

unavailable at Ineu (Bihor), Romania
Is not flying during winter.



Come and take a flight, dont stay down! See the world from above, touch the clouds!  Do not be affraid of flying, it is the result of aerodynamics and its absolutely safe. And if the aircraft sometimes is shaking by turbulences; even that is absolutely normal and cause of different heated up terrain and the hot air raising up from it in different speed or up- and downwinds next to hills and mountains.   Turbulences are not dangerous. It is part of flying, and is not to be feared. For pilots, light turbulence is no different to a bumpy road for a taxi driver – a small, but totally safe, inconvenience and very much part of our daily lives. Windy outside? Even that is not a real problem - each pilot knows exactly about his aircrafts limit.  And the aircraft? They are build and tested for even severe turbulence, as well as for wind and rain - same as your car is able to drive by wind, rain and on bumpy roads.


Infernal is the word to describe this aircraft in one word. Its noicy, its smoky and arouse emotions.
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Nothing is so impressive as the infernal engine noice of a YAK-52. It realy sounds like a flying dinosaur, flying in the YAK-52 you get all attention on you - automaticaly. Feel the vibration of the huge radial engine, enjoy some lowpasses, steep turns, dives, ... and keep in mind that this aircraft type is still educating future fighter pilots in Romania at Boboc. But not only in Romania, even also in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia and Belarus is the YAK-52 still used as trainer. Like to get the real feeling of a future fighter pilot? Come fly with me!



Smell the taste of gazoline, oil - it smells from aviation. The YAK-52 burns almost 60 litres gazoline an hour and aproximately 3 litres of oil. The engine is started by pressurized air, as well as the gear and the brakes are driven by pressurized air. That is why you here the "zzzzsssss" noice - like on a big truck. With the small difference that the YAK-52 is rotating at 100 km/h. Once in the air you wish she will never land - its a big fun to fly with the YAK-52. 



With the YAK-52 we can fly almost each  aerobatical maneuver. Up lines, dives, loops,  rolls, inverted flight, and so on. Are you brave enought to get the feeling of a real fighter pilot? After a short explanation you will get strapped down professionaly to your chair, and as your pilot i will explain you before each maneuver what we will do.  So you can enjoy all maneuvers. Of corse we also will do a lowpass over the airfield where your relatives are waiting you.  Impress your relatives - yes you are brave enought!


The aircrafts are located at Ineu (Bihor) Airfield in Romania, right beside Kingsland. Ineu Airfield is about 15 minutes by car out of Oradea and about 20 minutes from Baile Felix.



Interested on a wet-lease directly from the owner NovaTrust Agency SRL, Oradea, Romania? In case, please contact the owner directly by email:  Wet-lease results in a tax-deductable invoice including aviation gas from the owner NovaTrust Agency SRL, Oradea - but excluding landing taxes and passenger handling fees at airports. Fees and taxes at the airport you pay directly against a tax deductable separate invoice at the airport. If you like to applicate for a wet-lease, please send your pilots full documentation, means; Pilot license, medical, last 4 pages of its logbook. No wet-lease if the pilot has not flown already min. 10h on the same aircraft model on the last 4 logbook pages and 2 month. Restricted to general aviation use only and against full cost advance payment. NovaTrust Agency SRL is allowed to refuse applications without any reason and further communication. 


*wet-lease costs are estimated excl. VAT, airport fees, landing taxes and handling.
calculated is total engine running time, what includes warmup at +5° on an
aviation gas price of € 2.80/l. Out of the gas price the costs can vary.


Yakovlev YAK-52 (YA52)
€ 210 / half hour
€ 170 / quater hour (+25°)
  • 250km/h, 80l/h, 360 HP
  • 1 passenger / max. 110kg
  • endurance: 500 km / 2 hours
  • cost per km: € 1.38
  • EASA (G)
  • VFR only
  • MOTW: 1.4 to

Why is it not possible for some of the aircrafts to lease them for 10 minutes of flight? That is easy answered: To fly an aircraft you have to first warm up the engine in order to get the full power and not destroy the engine. This takes in warm weather around 5 minutes, in cold weather up to 15 minutes. Prices above are calculated on engine running time - means including warm up. Further: As in a car moving mostly only in the city for short trips, the enginge is accumulating in the oil alot of gasoline and destroy the lubrification factor of the oil and finaly the spark plugs too. Because oil used by aircrafts, as well as theyr engines, is much more expensive as for cars, aircraft owners hardly try to safe the engine and to prevent to kill theyr oil and spark plugs by having short flights. NovaTrust Agency SRL, as owner of the above aircrafts, is spending alot of efforts in order to keep theyr aircrafts safe by regular maintenance as well as a correct insurance of aircrafts, crew and passengers. That is costing alot of money what is reflected on the leasing costs above. If you are searching for a cheap possibility to get a flight - you will find this else where. NovaTrust Agency SRL is not in the mood to kill theyr aircraft, crew or passengers by badly maintained or missused aircrafts. That inculdes that NovaTrust Agency SRL is respecting the aircrafts limitation regarding passengers and theyr weight. Aircrafts will not be flown out of theyr limitation.


NovaTrust Agency SRL provides a fuel transport service for aircrafts like a gazstation on wheels. The converted Renault Trafic is able to transport on your order up to 360 litres of MoGas from 95 octane up to 100 octane. AvGaz100L only on command 2 weeks before. One transport  (min. 60 litres - max 360 litres) is costing € 30.- / 140 LEI. The  car is equiped with foam and powder fire extinguisher as well with tools and instruments (metric+imperial), pressurized air up to 6 bar and up to 300 bar as well as compressed air bottle up to 100 bar (to start russian aircrafts and helicopters with compressed air) and a power generator for max. 1500 W in order to do some small repairs on aircrafts if needed. You can order the car directly by calling +40 772 230 693  at least 1 day before. 


If you like to go for a flight with me, it is mandatory to send me a friendship request by facebook. Please use the button below therefore. Thank you in advance.

I am a private pilot (PPL SEP/MEP/NIGHT). Around the city of Oradea, Baie Felix and the near mountains i fly with the YAK52. But also flights to Arad, Timisoara or smaller airfields like Deva are no problem. I can fly to those destinations airliners are unable to land or have no regular service to or bring you from Oradea to Bucharest / Budapest to reach your airliner. A little bit depending on the weather, but under normal condition without any problems and on demand.

How can you applicate for a flight? Call me or even better; send me a message by facebook messenger. After i got your friendship request by facebook, i will quote you the flight acoording the above listed prices of the owner NovaTrust Agency SRL., but including all taxes and fees if there are some. At the date of your flight we meet at the airfield where you pay the whole amounth + VAT in advance against a tax deductible invoice from NovaTrust Agency SRL. Flights from international airports requires the whole amounth + VAT in advance by banctransfer to the owner NovaTrust Agency SRL. My service as a pilot is for free because i enjoy flying.


Do you have questions or need in a quote? Fill in the form bellow or call me:
Romania +40 772 230 693

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