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805 m2

living space

1142 m2

green space

Project of a 3 solid buildings, containing 4 appartments, each aproximately 65 m2 and 69 m2, The buildung is proper insulated with 10 cm polystiren, and each appartment with an energysaving floorheating and a fullcondensating gasheater. All connections, like water, canalization , gaz and electric are installed - ready to connect your devices - bathroom is equiped with handwash, toilet and shower or bathtub. All you have to do is to come over with your family and your furnitures. Additional: Beside the buildings we arrange a little private parc of 500 m2 including a children playground and a picnic zone.

Check here the status of our construction work:


Next steps: Inspection



Finalization planed: 02.2019


Next steps: concrete plate for the 1st floor



We keep the planed schedule. Finalization planed: 03.2019


Planing is finished and all needed govermental confirmations are existing. The surface is prepared for construction.

Next steps: start of the construction work



We keep the planed schedule. Finalization planed: 05.2019


Our apartments are lighty and roomy, the once at the groundfloor even have a direct access to the garden over the terase (1/2/3-11 and -12)

Walk trought appartment ORADEA 1-11. Get an impression about the possibilities of how to place your furnitures, the kitchen, sleeping rooms and the bathroom.

The free - online planner is a 3D online kitchen planner that can help you plan your kitchen. It is an easy to use software that runs problem-free and without any downloads on your computer. We was so free to set you already the messurments of your apartments kitchen and a sugestion.

The following can be said about the quality of construction in Romania: You basically find everything here. Of buildings built on a very "cheap" level to be sold immediately and those which even have a clear order on the construction site. In the case of "cheaper" made buildings, it is often seen that the interior walls are made only of plasterboard (Rigips), the water pipes only screwed (Henko) or worse; massively saved on iron and concrete and the dimensions were not kept clean.

In the buildings offered by us, you can be sure that we strictly follow the plans and comply with all building regulations as well as we go daily several times to visit each site and and controll the work and materials used there. These patrols we document for you in image on our website and on Instagram. So you can not only directly experience the construction progress, but also have an insight on the materials used, qualities and so on.

For us as NovaTrust it is important to be able to offer you an always consistent quality of construction. For this reason, we have researched a long time and now always work together with the same specialist companies of which we know to expect a good and clean work.


we are finalizing all our projects "key-ready". That means in the price you buy the appartment, is included that:


All walls are painted in white with a washable color on silicon-base.


All floors have laminate installed and are phonic insulated.


In each room we install a floorheating. The gaz-heater is in each apartment included and installed.


The floor in the bathroom is from white ceramics. The handwash, toilet and a shower or a bathtub are installed.


Water and canalization are installed in the kitchen - ready that you can install your sink, dishwasher and washingmachine.


Electric is connected, powerplugs and switches installed, TV and internet (fibre optic) installed including TV and RJ45 plugs.


You get a free, included in the published prices, private parking slot right in front of the building.

Land ownership

Included in the published prices is a 1/4 of the land the building is constructed on.


We meet the minimum requirements for wheelchair accessibility. All apartments have a continuous access to the street up to the apartment door. In the case of apartments at the 1st floor, a disabled lift can be easily installed next to the staircase (all walls are bricked). Door widths are all (inclusive bathroom) at least 86cm wide. In none of the apartments are height differences. All corridors are at least 1.20 meters wide. Our bathrooms are larger than 1.70 x 2.20 meters and we install on request a wheelchair-accessible, stepless shower or a bathtub in the desired size for a small additional charge. You have a stepless access to the terrace.



which apartments are for sale


published prices are exclusive VAT of 19% (netto)
and with above writen "key-ready" standards

ORADEA 1/2/3-10

Groundfloor (full floor)

126.5 m2
+ 2x 3.8 m2 teras
+ 2 parking slots
keyready (incl 2 bath)

€ 154'880.-

ORADEA 1/2/3-11

Groundfloor (left side)

65.2 m2
+ 3.8 m2 teras
+ 1 parking slot
keyready (incl bath)

€ 82'040.-

ORADEA 1/2/3-12

Groundfloor (right side)

61.3 m2
+ 3.8 m2 teras
+ 1 parking slot
keyready (incl bath)

€ 77'920.-

ORADEA 1/2/3-20

1st floor (full floor)

126.5 m2
+ 2x 3.8 m2 balcony
+ 2 parking slot
keyready (incl 2 bath) 

€ 151'380.-

ORADEA 1/2/3-21

1st floor (left side)

65.2 m2
+ 3.8 m2 balcony
+ 1 parking slot
keyready (incl bath)

€ 81'040.-

ORADEA 1/2/3-22

1st floor (right side)

61.3 m2
+ 3.8 m2 balcony
+ 1 parking slot
keyready (incl bath)

€ 76'920.-


Safe money and see our flexible finanting solutions. We are working together with several bancs and offer attractive price reductions.Profit now! Click on the button REDUCTIONS!


Family friendly

The quartier "Grigorescu" is quiet, well situated next from the university. As it contains mostover only family houses it is ideal for young families. Further are all floors noice insulated - no problem if the children play a little louder.

Energy Saving

Saving energy is a big advantage. We insulated the whole property well with minimum 10 cm Polistiren and each appartment is equiped with a modern floorheating and a full condensating gasheater and windows with 3 layers of glas.


Be in 5 minutes by car at the next shopping centers like Carrefour, Kaufland or Auchan. In 10 minutes you reach the city center. The quartier "Grigorescu" is connected by autobus to the city. It's safe - here is no reported crime.

Money saving

Squaremeters and prices are made that even young families are able to effort our appartments. As soon you applicate for your appartment, as more you safe money. On the below listed prices you can safe up to 27%


at the corner of Hack Halasi Gyula road and Apateului street (route 66)



Romania presents itself today as a cosmopolitan, modern country. It has developed extremely in the last 10 years - no comparison to the "motorized Middle Ages" which prevailed 20 years ago in Romania.

In Oradea you will find basically everything you can find in Western Europe. From authorized dealerships for your car to shopping centers that invite you for shopping. If you own a car, the Baile Felix health baths with their high sulfur and iron content are also good for your health. Or do you prefer to go to the mountains? Within an hour by car you can reach the first ski resorts or you can go hiking and enjoy nature. In the summer months there is an airplane from Oradea twice a day directly to Constanza where you can relax by the sea. 

The standard of living in Romania today is generally comparable to that in Germany. Food prices are at the same level, only poultry and pork is massively cheaper. That leaves plenty of room for your household budget. As a rule, with no major restrictions on your daily living habits, a couple (man and woman) with normal consumption including electricity, water and gas as well as food according to Western European standard should get through well with about 400 € to a maximum of 800 € per month. 

The medical care here in Oradea is up to date and varied. In addition to state hospitals, you will also find many private clinics at affordable prices. Medical practices or specialists are also available in sufficient numbers and of excellent quality. Ambulances usually reach injured and ill patients within 15 minutes and the state hospital Oradea has its own helicopter landing pad. There are also special patient transports or you can take a taxi through the city for about 6 Euro. Thus, even those in need of dialysis, permanent wound care, diabetes monitoring, etc. are in good hands. 

Any questions? You are welcome to call us anytime. In our team are people who moved from years ago from Switzerland, Germany and other European countries to Romania and enjoy life here to the fullest.